Flipcardmarketing software

Flipcardmarketing software

With our affordable Flipcardmarketing software you activate the attention of consumers in a measurable, effective and playful way. Use our marketingtool to start a flipcardcampaign on your business Facebook page, own Website, personal Readwinner Web App and/or newsletter.

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Advertise on Facebook!

Make use of the Readwinner Facebook App and offer our own unique game on your commercial Facebook page. The game is easy to install and configure.

Advertise on Facebook!

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What is a Flipcardcampaign?

A Flipcardcampaign is offering an online game of chance in which the participant participates in a Prize, discount, discount code or incentive that a company makes available for promotion. Our marketingtool is revolutionary, legally unlimited, user-friendly and generates extra revenue for the entrepreneur.

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Advertise on your own website!

Advertise on your own website!

Use Readwinner for your company now. Place the Readwinner Flipcard(s) on your own Website and broaden your campaign’s reach.

No website? No worries, use the Readwinner Web App and/or the Readwinner Facebook App!


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Use our unique flipcardcampaign software for your business Facebook page, own Website, personal Web App and/or newsletter.

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